GasWatch.info – website which pulled gas price data from credit card receipts and allowed search for closest, cheapest gas stations.
MapsParking.com – A custom eCommerce solution with intersting business rules
Coininfo.com – high performance dedicated server system with load balancing and real time data.
MysteryWeedShopper.com – secret shopper service and directory in WordPress
CloudStorageSystems.com – WordPress Website. Also assisted in building the BackBlaze Storage Pod prototypes
TaxData Project- Custom PHP /Bootstrap solution for data mining
MHCD.ORG – Multi year Drupal maintenance
ExamMatrix.com – WooCommerce solution
Asug.org – Consulting on CodIgniter
DenverBroncos.com – Server consulting
EverythingHiLo.com – WP Brochure site
…and many more!